TweetsBot - Get targeted followers fast and with ease

I believe you are asking yourself, what TweetsBot actually does. Well, here is the answer. TweetsBot is a fully automated and easy to use Twitter Marketing tool that searches for people who are relevant to you and turns them into your followers. It provides many ways of searching for people. One of them is searching by keywords (interests, tweets, biographies etc.). If you have a local business, than Geo-Targeting will come in handy for finding customers in your area. And lastly, if you know someone on Twitter who is just like you, you can clone his followers and followings.
TweetsBot will also make sure all of your followers get your message by automated Tweeting capabilities. And lastly, you can use it for as many   Twitter accounts as you wish as long as they belong to you. Therefore, TweetsBot is a perfect tool for people who wan't to increase their Twitter Followers and businesses who are trying to sell their products and services over this wonderful micro-blogging service. more..

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